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Upturn 2

With 6 other authors Corinne wrote a book about personal development.   In the past years they expanded their borders, felt the fear and did it anyway. They took bumpy roads, not knowing what it would bring them, but they believed that life was more than what they already knew. And they were right, life shifted towards completeness and freedom. This is their wish for you as well.    Of course, a happy life is not a quick fix, but it doesn’t take 10 years to feel great and connected with the people around you, when you stick to your dreams and stop fighting against things you cannot change.  This book is ment to motivate you with their insights, to recognize your own bravery and to stimulate you to continue your own path.   
  • To support you every chapter provides a tool that can unlock your greatest potential.
  • Every chapter has an exercise as well, to keep your focus on the short cut to a satisfying life.
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Stop het Pesten

What will you learn from this book?

  • To have the courage to stick to your plans. It’s your life.

  • To don’t let go your dreams because of the outside world.

  • To stay confident, even if the road is bumpy. 

  • To reconnect with yourself and love yourself.  
  • To don’t waste time because of your ego.

  • To enjoy your life.

  • To feel supported by the right people. Ask the authors, they really want to help you with their experiences and inspiration. 
  • Many other insights that will help you to deliver your valuable contribution to the world. 
Buy    Upturn – Hardcover English Koop Upturn – Softcover Nederlands

Corinne’s story in Upturn 2 is about the reconnection with the body.


In the last decade her vision of the body changed completely.

Do you also notice that your body says regularly: “Stop for a while,” but you don’t? How often do you straighten your back, you continue with a head full of thoughts and you ignore your body? Corinne did it with great regularity.

At first she saw the body primarily as a thing that functioned to make her do the things she wanted to do. But one day the body spontaneously started to help solve her problems. When she realized that, she became fascinated. What else does the body do?

It turned out that the body not only helped her to overcome pain but also showed her the way to feel happy and light. The body guides you!
It completely changed her life, but also her vision of her work as a hypnotherapist and trauma therapist.


Poof, what an inspiring story, Corinne wrote. She tells really beautifully how she learnt to stay close to herself and how that was key to leave problems behind, and especially not to create new problems. Listening to her body made her a shiny woman. She made me believe I can shine as well. Showing the steps in her story is very helpfull to bring it into reality. Inge

Bring insights into practice – the training

Do your also want to learn to trust your body? Your body is your friend guiding you to an easy life, if you dare to listen. In Upturn 2 Corinne told you the steps, and now you can bring them into practice yourself.

In this online training The bodyroute to yourself you learn in 12 weeks how to cooperate with your body, step by step. It is a skill to master, but once you understand it, living without heaviness and worry becomes self-evident. It brings you the peace and light life you had in mind for so long.

 “Success comes when you dare to interrupt your pattern of control.”

Get started? Send an email to: and you’ll receive all the informations within 24 hours. 


Who are the authors?

Peter Stehouwer
– coach personal development / investor

Story about his step out of his comfort zone into personal development

Darryl Hoefdraad
– part time employee Dutch province / speaker

Story about listening to your heart and jump to live a grateful life

Naomi Mayahi
– employee Dutch ministry / starter entrepreneur

Story about finding identity and see people for their worth

Vanessa Gevers
– coach change management large organizations

Story about the importance of knowing your people and value them


Habiba Amzil
– NLP coach / speaker

Story about finding the beauty within and give people a voice

Corinne van Ravels
– hypnotherapist /speaker

Story about creating a happy life by learning to listen to the signals of your body.

Adric Walter
– technology development

Story about becoming financial resilience and giving back to Curacao

Laat je inspireren door Upturn 2!

Voor een lichter leven!